Kabaji's fps guide

Kabaji's fps guide

Manage 3D Settings:

Go to NVIDIA Control Pannel, then navigate to Manage 3D settings click on the Program Settings and select Overwatch.exe

Change the Settings:

Anisotropic filtering | off

Antialiasing – FXAA | off

Antialiasing – Gamma correction | off

Antialiasing – Mode | Application-controlled

Antialiasing – Transparency | off

CUDA – GPUs | Use global  setting (all)

Low Latency Mode | Ultra

Monitor Technology | Use global setting (Fixed Refresh)

Multi-Frame Sampled AA(MFAA) | off

OpenGL rendering GPU | Auto-select

Power management mode | Prefer maximum performance

Preferred refresh rate | highest available 

Shader Cache | Use global setting (on)

Texture filtering – Antisotropic sample options | off

Texture filtering – Negative LOD bias | Allow

Texture filtering – Quality | High Performance 

Texture filtering – Trilinear optimization | off

Threaded optimization | Use global setting (Auto)

Triple buffering | off

Vertical sync | off

Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames | 1


Refresh Rate:

Don’t forget to change your screen refresh rate, if you have a 144hz or 240hz monitor

Right click on your desktop –> display settings –> advanced display settings –> Display adapter properties for Display 1 –> Monitor and then pick the highest refresh rate posible

Overwatch Video Settings:

Now it’s time to open Overwatch 

Navigate to options and then to Video

copy the settings


Task Manager:

Open your Task Manger with Ctrl + Shift + Esc and navigate to Details right click on the Overwatch.exe and set priority to High

Now go to your Overwatch folder right click the Overwatch Launcher –> Properties –> Compatibility and Disable fullscreen optimizations

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